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Partisan Opportunism Behind Gender Medical Scandal

Democrats and the media must take responsibility for the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of anxious, autistic, and gay children

Yesterday, the British government doubled down on its ban on puberty blockers for children confused about their gender. Earlier this year, the government banned the use of puberty-blocking drugs in the National Health Service. Yesterday, it banned their use in private clinics as well, at least until the fall when a new government will come to power.

Europe, in general, is cracking down on so-called transgender medicine in the face of widespread evidence of medical mistreatment of children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults.

Over the next several months and years, Democrats and progressives will have to address the rapidly growing body of evidence that gender medicine is, in the words of the Times of London, a center-left newspaper, “quack medicine.”

It will also be important for journalists to engage in some self-reflection. Why did they fail to cover this medical scandal properly? Why did journalists who believe themselves committed to science and caring for the vulnerable cheer on “quack medicine.”

To answer those questions, I want to closely examine a fascinating 2022 podcast between MSNBC host Chris Hayes and a gender medicine doctor named Dr. Izzy Lowell.

Dr. Izzy Lowell (left) and MNBC’s Chris Hayes (right)

Hayes opens by lambasting Republicans.

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