It's always interesting to reflect on the conflict of interests you raise in your articles. NRDC holding $70mm of O&G and renewable equities is a great example.

It's important to call out the incentives behind their action.

Well done, Mr. Shellenberger.

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The Guardian is reporting on the increased carbon emissions from IP's closure as if it's news.

In 2024!


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But debunking trying to keep fossil fuels behind a wall of no-bid contracts and kickbacks to the Democratic Party will be much harder. In California, plans to rip out fossil fuel infrastructure from everywhere except power plants are far advanced... and so are the plans for a state takeover of public utilities via public regulator-induced bankruptcy that prevents private utilities from recovering their costs (this is how the public transit infrastructure was removed from private hands).

There needs to be a nationwide ban on state and local governments trying to create corrupt government-controlled monopolies. I think it should go farther... the Clean Air Act exemption should be revoked and state and local governments given only one mechanism to pursue "climate change"... a tax on net carbon emissions within their limits. Let them beggar themselves and their own economies without affecting anyone else's.

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Would love to hear more on this story. The "Open the Books" https://www.openthebooks.com/ folks do a pretty good job of showing some of that but until CA unwinds that, they're in deep trouble.

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