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WARNING: Woke Censorship Has Gone Global

Shellenberger warns Russell Brand of the rapidly expanding Censorship Industrial Complex

We tend to think of the Woke mob and the Intelligence Community as two entirely different groups of people. The former lead BLM protests and demand that university teachers be fired for microaggressions; the latter attend Council on Foreign Relations dinners and worry about Russian disinformation.

And yet, while doing research related to the Twitter Files and the broader Censorship Industrial Complex, I kept coming across individuals who effortlessly combined the language of the Woke and the language of national security types, and indeed demanded censorship in the name of fighting racism.

I mostly ignored it as a coincidence. After all, everyone, including the CIA, is woke these days. But it kept happening. A BBC reporter claimed, with spurious evidence, that there was more “hateful” speech on Twitter under Musk. I came across multiple other “think tanks” with clear ties to the military, waging war on “hate speech.” And there has been a huge effort to frame the accused Pentagon leaker as driven by racism and anti-semitism.

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Michael Shellenberger